Patients with Disabilities

To Get Help And Advice For People With Disabilities

Contact Social Services on 0118 974 6800.
As we get older or if we are born with a physical disability or become disabled through an accident, many questions spring to mind about aids and equipment and how to find them. The following is a small sample of what is available.

Large Print

The contents of our booklet can be provided in larger print for those patients who have difficulty in reading standard print. Please ask our practice manager.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are available from the NHS following referral by a GP or nurse and assessment at the local hospital. Replacement batteries can be provided from the surgery once you have been issued with an aid.


Manual wheelchairs are available from the NHS. Your doctor will refer you for an assessment to the wheelchair clinic at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. You will be provided with a basic chair for your needs or given an option of a voucher towards the cost of purchasing one.

Walking Sticks, Crutches and Walking Frames

These are available from the NHS. Ideally you will have been assessed by a physiotherapist to see which is best suited for your needs. Remember to replace the ferrules as they wear out and might become slippery on wet surfaces. Your physiotherapist will advise you but you can buy ferrules from places like Boots (ask for the “Aids for Living” catalogue) or Shopmobility in Reading.

Bath Aids

If you are going to need equipment long term, you are advised to ask your GP or hospital consultant for a Social Services assessment. In the short term, it might be possible to hire things like bath boards, shower seats etc from the Red Cross. Many items can be purchased from locally based companies such as Redland Healthcare.

Specialised Equipment and Environmental Controls

Things like voice-activated telephones, specially adapted light switches and power sockets, larger remote controls for your TV etc are also available from Social Services or you can buy them from locally based companies such as RehabTeq.