Home Visits

Given the increasing number of patients and the lack of resources available to employ additional doctors, home visits can be made only for the following kinds of patient:

  • The terminally ill
  • Those who are bed-bound
  • Patients who are so seriously ill that they cannot be moved

Efficient use of doctor time is critical in enabling us to meet all the many needs of our patients fairly. Within the time taken to make one home visit, several patients can be treated at the surgery. In addition ,the surgery has better facilities and equipment to treat you and will have all your medical information to hand.

Babies and small children should always be brought to the surgery and our on the day urgent care team will do their best to see them promptly.

If a home visit is required, then please contact us before 10.30am in order that the Reception team can work with the doctors to plan their day. It may be that prior to carrying out a home visit, a member of the clinical team will contact you to see whether the situation can be resolved over the phone, or, indeed, whether an ambulance should be called. There will be a Duty Doctor on hand for afternoon emergencies.

Routine follow-ups for patients who were seriously ill will be undertaken at the surgery.
We cannot undertake a home visit purely where there are problems with transport or where a patient is a resident in a care home, a residential home or is in sheltered accommodation. We will be happy to provide details of local taxi firms or volunteer care services to enable patients to attend the surgery.

The purpose of this policy to is enable all of our patients to have equal access to a clinician. Home visits are reserved for patients in extreme need only. However, we would like to stress that no patient in definite need of a home visit will be refused.